Past workshops and topics (Archive)

If you’re interested in any of these topics and would like to see them repeated, let us know; we’d love to hear from you! [Please note, the 2020 cancellations below were due to COVID restrictions at the time.]

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SOL Whole-YOU Center Events 


February 1, Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center physical location closed.

March 5-6, Daughter of Delphi US, Essentially One Wellness LLC, and Spirit of Drakaina LLC at Spirit Mind Body Fair in Topeka.

March 18-19, Daughter of Delphi US, Essentially One Wellness LLC, and Spirit of Drakaina LLC at Mental and Spiritual Festival at Psyche and Soul, Wichita.


April 17, OPEN HOUSE AT Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center!

July 30, Henna party @Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center

September 1, Lotus Fire Wellness & Empowerment @ the JC Expo in Heritage Park 

September 4, Miria’s Knots & More, booth at the Longford Rodeo

September 18, SOLWY members, OneCommunity Potluck in the Park!

October 1, Angelic Reiki appointments available through Essentially One Wellness and Lotus Fire Wellness & Empowerment.

October 30, Halloween party @Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Manhattan

November 20, SOLWY Open House

December 1, SOLWY official move date!

December 11, Daughter of Delphi US @Fraternal Order of Eagles 2468 Holiday Fair Event

1st and 3rd weekends for Fall – Essentially One Wellness located at the Post Exchange!

Spirit of Drakaina LLC (formerly Lotus Fire Wellness & Empowerment)


February 12, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop

February 23, Spirit of Drakaina LLC established

March 14, Mindfulness workshop


February 6, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop @ UFM Manhattan

March 25, Mindfulness workshop @ UFM Manhattan

May 1, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop

May 15, Mindfulness workshop @ UFM Manhattan

July 10, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop

September 11, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop

December 11, Usui Reiki Level 1 workshop

Michele’s Foot Detox

June 13, 2021, Summer Solutions Make-and-Take – Natural Ways to Survive the Summer

August 11, 2021, Essential Solutions Workshop – Come learn how essential oils can help you live a healthier life! Michele will be hosting a series of come-and-go workshops to talk about the changing seasons, how they affect the body, and essential solutions that can help alleviate the changes!

August 13, 2021, Essential Solutions Workshop

Miria’s Knots & More


Coffee & Crafting @ Uncorked Inspiration


February 9, start of Crochet Basics @ UFM Manhattan

April 13, start of Crochet Basics @ UFM Manhattan

August 29, Coffee and Crafting

September 12, Coffee and Crafting

November 14, Coffee and Crafting

December 12, Coffee and Crafting


January 9 – special guest facilitator Lemurian Harmonic Frequency – we will be making 3D Dreamcatchers!
This workshop is free and open to the public 🙂 Please bring your own rings, strings, and decorations to create a dreamcatcher, and we will have a guest facilitator show us how to make the 3D Dreamcatchers. We will begin with a finger food potluck as well. 🙂 Dreamcatchers are traditionally hung above people’s beds or in their homes to filter and shift their dreams and visions. Good dreams are captured in the web of life and slide down the feathers to the person. Bad dreams caught in the net will disappear with the light of day or escape through the center’s hole and are no longer part of the Dreamcatcher. These Dreamcatchers are made with natural leather, beads, shells, stones, wood, and various species of bird feathers from around the world. Herkimer Diamonds, Lemurian Seed Crystals, and Clear Quartz Crystals are used to magnify the intentions of the dreams created by the person using the Dreamcatcher.

Essentially One Wellness


“Essential Oils and Emotions”. (cancelled) Learn how and what essential oils to use for your emotional well being. Learn the science behind why your sense of smell is linked to your emotions.

“Essential Oil Basics”. (cancelled) Learn what essential oils are and how they can support your health and well being.

“Essential Oils for Fall”. (cancelled) Learn how to keep your immune system strong and supported with essential oils. Learn what oils you can use to minimize stress during the holiday season. After class you will get a roller bottle for immune or emotional support to take home with you.

August 19, “I Am Fabulous” Essential Oils Workshop. A workshop where you will apply essential oils to the skin in specific locations. The applications may assist you with emotions, self-esteem, and clarity.

October 14, Essentials and Coffee. Learn which oils are great to put in your coffee. You will be able to sample some coffee with essential oils and nondairy milk during class.


January 12 Essential Oil Basics. Learn what essential oils are and how they can support your health and well being.

Brigitte G dba A Work in Progress

2021 Meditation Group – every other Thursday starting August 12. Bimonthly discussion and meditation group with like-minded people. We will be talking about the Namchak foundation and all they have to offer. If you are interested in more information, please send an email to We will also be going over the free course class Always Smiling.

A list of books that may help everyone on their spiritual path:
Pema Chodrom – “Start Where you Are”; “Welcome the Unwelcome”
Dalai Lama – “How to Practice: A Way to a Meaningful Life”; “The Four Noble Truths”

Daughter of Delphi US

September 21, “It’s Elemental … My Dear!” A workshop that teaches you how to use Elemental essential oil blends (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) for chakra work, meditation, connection to Divine source, and ceremonial practices!

Lemurian Harmonic Frequency

October 15, Etheric Surgery Workshop; Clearing the Auric Field of the Body. Etheric Surgery is based on releasing the compression and the negative density that accumulates between the physical body and the etheric body.
Etheric Surgery creates space between the physical energy body and the etheric energy body also knows as the Aura energy field. It opens up the compressed areas allowing the life force energies to flow freely without resistance between the two fields. Etheric surgery is good for joint issues, any injuries and scar tissues which are thick densities where energy can’t pass through.
The etheric body is a carbon copy of your physical body. It is an energy field. This energy body is four inches above your physical body. The Emotional energy body shares this field as well. Above the Etheric body is the Spirit body which holds issues of past lives; it can also determine and gauge where you are at in your level of spiritual consciousness.
For example, when someone has an accident of the physical body, the Etheric body holds cellular trauma memory. This is why people feel phantom pain. Kirlian photography has proven that phantom pain exists. If an arm is severed, in the etheric field the arm still exists. Even though the physical body has healed, there is a compression (negative density) created between the severed physical body and the Etheric body. When there is any kind of injury to the body there will be a compression in the area between the physical and the Etheric bodies. The physical body creates scar tissues to any cellular damages causing densities in that area.
This workshop is designed to acquire the skills to remove harmful energies, integrate new energies into the auric field, and balance the entire body using the Herkimer Diamond Pendulum.

Zen Archery; Learning to Let Go. (cancelled) Spiritual Significance of the Bow and Arrow
The purpose of Zen Archery is to guide you in releasing inner conflicts; creating a new story for yourself. We have things we would like to change within ourselves. It may be something about our present life situation. It may be a personal pattern, or habit that does not serve us. Either way, we often get attached to the same space over and over again.
The intention is to let go and aim for the life we wish to manifest. Engaging the mind, emotions, and the spiritual being at the same time, creates neural pathways that form instantly. Amazing visions of life thrive at the deepest chemical and energetic levels.
The bow represents the construction of your life. The arrow transmutes the intention for letting go fo that which does not serve you, and is also used to manifest what you need in life. The arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards; which represents the obstacles you’ve created on the journey to loving yourself. Will you do it the hard way? Will you do it with ease and less resistance? Whether you hit the target, or not, is the least important part of Zen Archery. The intention that you bring to your bow and arrow is where the change begins. You will realize that you are responsible for your life’s journey. You have the power the change it.

Kalmer & Co.

October 17, Macramé Workshop

Maddi B.


February 22, Sacred Geometry, Sigils, Crystal Grids, and More! Come join Maddi B as we talk about Sacred Geometry, Sigils, Crystal Grids, Yantras, and Mandalas! Come and learn the secrets that the ancient Pythagoreans killed people for teaching! We’ll be discussing how to place crystals on your very own grid for use in manifesting your intentions, and learning the principles behind Sacred Geometry so you create your own sacred images for use at home. I’ll do my best to share with you the way in which the universe unfolds based upon 5 holy shapes, and to show you how that relates directly to your life here in the world.

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle topics 2022

January 7 – Layers of Being. These layers, depending on culture and perspective, can include the layers that comprise our human body, our energetic aura, and the composition of both (including the elements). Each person who would like to share will have 5-10 minutes to give their viewpoint, followed by a round table discussion of the similarities and differences.

January 26 – Layers of Being meditations.

February 2 – Life Cycles and Rituals

February 16 – continuation of Life Cycles and Rituals; Full Moon Meditation

March 2 – Totems and Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Ascended Masters.

March 23 – Ascended Masters; make Spirit Guide cards

Firefly Open Circle


January 29 – Faerie Sementivae, a Roman sowing ceremony.

February 19 – National Fairy Tale Day

Marcy 26 – Polish Spring Festival

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle topics 2021

January 6, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Spirituality in Everyday Life 

February 3, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Mudras and Maintaining Our Balance. 
Mudras 101: Sacred Hand Gestures
Yoga Mudras: How These 4 Hand Gestures Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice
The Power of Hand Mudras and their meaning: Improving your yoga practice

March 3, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Healthy Living through healthy foods and self awareness

April 7, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – cancelled due to weather

May 5, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Nature Walk at Northeast Community Park, Manhattan

June 2, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Discussion on Spirituality in Everyday Lives. What practices do you already engage with that have a spiritual meaning for you?

July 7, Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle – Nature Walk at Konza Prairie

August 4, Beginning book talk “The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary” by Angeles Arrien.

September 15, “The Four-Fold Way” Book talk – the Way of the Warrior

October 13, planning meeting

November 3, Ethics and Definitions; how do we empower ourselves without disempowering others?

November 17, Craft for Ethics and Definitions; “Leave It At the Door” basket

December 1, Spiritual Awakening; defining metaphysical gifts

December 14, Craft for Spiritual Awakening; making Oracle cards

Resplendent Firefly Open Circle 2021

February 20, First Quarter Moon ritual

March 20, Ostara at Lindsborg Castle

April 17, Building a traveling altar

May 15, Celebrating the Sun Spark within

June 19, Summer Solstice (Metageitnia-community building) at Echo Cliffs, Topeka

July 17, How to Create a Ritual Workshop

July 24, Passing Over Ceremony in honor of Donnie B.

August 21, Full Moon ritual and craft

September 25, Mabon ritual

October 30, Samhain ritual / Dumb Supper 

November 20, Full Moon ritual

December 18, Yule ritual

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle topics 2020

January 15, 2020 – New Year Celebration and potluck

February 5, 2020 – Ethics in Energy Work. Morals and Ethics work off of each other, and can be learned behavior through societal conditioning, nurturing, and our sense of right and wrong. Many times we may find that what we’ve learned through conditioning and what we ourselves believe in may be two different things. We’ll discuss how ethics play into energy work and how we honor our Selves and others in our daily lives.
How To Reduce Attention Residue in Your Life
3 Mental Blocks That Keep You From Doing What You Say You Want To Do
The Way We Work is Killing Us

February 19, 2020 – Working with Personal Energy. This workshop we will be working on hands-on activities for discovering and working with our own Personal Energy, which will build the foundation for recognizing interactions with others.


March 4, 2020 – Shielding. In this discussion, we will learn ways to ‘shield’ our physical and energy bodies, as well as learning when to shield. This will be an interactive discussion and practice.

CANCELLED March 18, 2020 – Elemental Energies

April 1, 2020 – Book discussion, The Four Agreements (online)
This week, we will read chapter 1 of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and contemplate the following questions:
Food for thought – Introduction and Chapter 1:
1. Do you agree with the statement “everything is God”? Why or why not?
2. What are your thoughts and personal perceptions about the “Smokey Mirror”?
3. Do you believe the author’s description of the domestication of humans to be true? Why or why not?
4. What ‘agreements’ do you hold in your life that may not serve your highest good?

April 15, 2020 – Book discussion, The Four Agreements (online)
Chapter 2:
1. What examples in your life show the “magic” of the word?
2. Give an example of when a “spell” was used against you – how did your beliefs change based on the spell? How can you change your ‘agreement’ for this occurrence?
3. Have you put a “spell” on someone else that may have changed their perceptions of themselves? What was it? How did it make you feel?
4. How do you use ‘the word’ against yourself? What words can you use to change how you view yourself?

Chapter 3:
1. Name an instance or two where you took something personally that someone else said. How did you act / react? How can you change this perception to understand the other person and their motives?
2. Name an instance or two where you took something personally from yourself that negatively affected you. How did you act / react? How can you change this perception to understand yourself better?
3. Do you believe the mind exists on different planes (exists in different realms)? Why oy why not?
4. How do you feel about the statement “Humans agree to help each other suffer”?

May 6, 2020 – Book discussion, The Four Agreements (online)
Discussion questions for chapters 4 and 5
Chapter 4:
1. Name a time you made an assumption based on someone else’s actions that resulted in conflict. How did you act / react with them?
2. Name a time someone else made an assumption based on your actions that resulted in conflict. How did they act / react, and how did you feel?
3. Name a time you made an assumption based on your own actions that resulted in conflict with yourself. How did this change your perception of yourself?
4. Why do you think people in general don’t ask questions to clarify a situation? Do you ask questions of yourself and others to clarify a situation? Why or why not? In either case, can you think of a specific event that reinforced your decision to ask or not ask?

Chapter 5:
1. What does “doing your best” mean for you?
2. Do you expect more or less from yourself than is realistic? If so, what is the result?
3. Do you take action because you want to or to seek a reward? Have you taken action for both purposes? Which did you enjoy more?
4. Do you treat yourself with honesty and understanding when you make a mistake? If not, what changes can you make?
5. Have you ever taken actions because you wanted to, then found that the action or task became an ‘obligation’? If so, how did you handle the situation?

May 27, 2020 DATE CHANGE – Book discussion wrap-up
Discussion questions Chapters 6 and 7:
1. What does “freedom” mean to you?
2. Describe an instance where you felt “free” as a child. Describe an instance where you felt “free” as an adult.
3. Replacing an old dream with a new dream keeps the space occupied so the old dream does not return, according to the author. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
4. Do you believe forgiveness for others and yourself will free you from your wounds? Why or why not?
5. Have you lived (at any point) as if there was no tomorrow? If so, how did you “live” for that day (or month, or year)?
6. After reading the book, do you agree with the author’s perspective? What types of changes are you looking forward to in your life, if any?

June 3, 2020; 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Social gathering.

June 17, 2020; 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Elemental Energies. Discussion and hands-on practice for a system of body movements, forms, and sound meditations designed to harmonize the body with the elements, and create greater spiritual awareness and energetic control.

July 1, 2020; 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Enneagrams. For this workshop, we will be discussing personality types based on the Enneagram. If you are interested in your type, a free sample test can be found here

July 15, 2020; 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Shadow of the world and Social Stigmas

August 5, 2020; 6:00-8:00 p.m. – Sacred Space

August 19, 2020 – Social gathering

August 22, 2020 – Potluck Picnic

CANCELLED September 2, 2020

September 16, 2020 – Past & Future Lives

October 7, 2020, Totems & Guides

October 21, 2020, Symbols and Symbolism

November 4, 2020, Cycles of the Moon
Sage Goddess 
Mandala Soul Designs 
Moonlighting Witch

November 18, 2020 – Social gathering

December 2, 2020 – Social gathering

December 16, 2020 – Planning meeting

Resplendent Firefly Open Circle 2020

CANCELLED January 24, 2020, Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – New Moon Gathering

February 1, 2020, Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year Gathering

March 14, 2020 – Pagan Coffee

CANCELLED March 21, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

CANCELLED April 4, 2020 – Pagan Coffee

CANCELLED April 11, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Full Moon

CANCELLED May 2, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

May 9, 2020 – Pagan Coffee – Online (Zoom meeting)

CANCELLED June 13, 2020 – Pagan Coffee

June 20, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

July 18, 2020 – Pagan Coffee (possible Drum Circle)

August 1, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

August 29, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Full Moon nature walk

September 18, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

October 3, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Full Moon

October 31, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

November 28, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Full Moon

December 19, 2020 – Resplendent Firefly Open Circle – Wheel of the Year

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle topics 2019

March 5, 2019 – Basic Energy movement – Basic breath work, a brief discussion about energy, and learn how to sense our own energies. Tree of Life Meditation. Here is an interesting article on energy work and definitions of different forms – do you agree with this article? Are there other types of practice you may do, or other ‘names’ you may apply to your practices?
One question that came up during discussion was “Why is it important to feel the energies in our bodies, and to be able to move them?” I think this is a great way to start out our year – learning to wholly integrate our experiences in life on every level, as well as learning from each other! From your perspective / experience, why is it important to be able to sense our personal energies?

March 19, 2019 – Basic Energy movement continued – An expansion of the previous workshop, learning how to ‘see’ our own energies and how to move them in a beneficial, healthy manner.

April 2, 2019 – Applied Kinesiology – Learning how to interpret yes’s and no’s from the body, and ‘physically’ learn to listen to our Higher Selves. ; ;

April 16, 2019 – Manifestation and Setting Intent – Using our words as ‘magic’ and working to make things happen. We’ve seen the changes the spoken word can make to the vibration of our personal bodies through muscle testing – discussion will center around how the spoken word along with intent can help to reshape our realities. Affirmations are words and thoughts about ourselves that are “realistically high and believable, spoken in the first person”, according to John Branstad from Leadership by Design. He says “affirmations are things we use to tell ourselves in times of doubt that which we KNOW to be true at all other times”. What is your favorite affirmation? Do you have a practice that you use that may be beneficial to others?

2019-04 Affirmation (2)
Image result for morning affirmations

May 7, 2019 – Auras – Discussion group on how to detect Auras, how to protect the aura and yourself from outside influences (different forms of Shielding), and how to work with them. ;

quantum entanglement

May 28, 2019 – Crystals (rescheduled due to weather). Learn how to ‘talk’ with crystals and stones – each piece has its own ‘personality’ and will work with you in different ways that similar stones/crystals of the same type may. We’ll discuss the difference between using items as ‘tools’ and ‘working with’ the Spirit of the rock as a partner.

June 4, 2019 – Experiencing different planes of existence. Our topic of discussion for this day was Journeying – learning the difference between meditation and traveling to different planes of existence. All things being energy, there are worlds that cannot be seen using the five senses, that are still accessible. These worlds can sometimes carry the ‘keys’ we may need for learning more about our Selves and are very helpful in promoting healing. This gathering will be largely meditative, wear comfortable clothing!                    

June 18, 2019 – Astral projection – For this gathering, we will discuss what Astral Projection is, some techniques on how to project, and will have a short ‘travel’ session to practice. To prepare, take note of a place you truly enjoy being, such as a park, your living room, or a national landmark that you may or may not have visited and practice visualizing what that place looks like.  

Astral Projection

In preparation for this gathering, I’ve been doing some thinking about personal responsibility and ethics. With all energy work, there is a moral obligation to be cognizant of your Self and Others, and Astral Projection is included in that aspect. I will not tell you what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as I believe every person must make that choice themselves, but I will ask that everyone be aware of the consequences of their actions. Manifestation, ‘traveling’ (in this world and others), and spellwork (setting intentions for a desired result) are things that affect not only ourselves, but the people and world around us.
It is possible to view what others are doing and to ‘engage’ with others while traveling for the purpose of gaining new knowledge. There are times when this sort of engagement may cause a disruption in your energy levels as well as others’ energies, and can result in a breach of privacy as well. How you choose to interact is up to you, but I would caution everyone to follow the Golden Rule on every plane of existence – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
This topic is definitely open for discussion – if you have any questions or insight, please share! There is a discussion group on our event page at or you may email your thoughts to and we can discuss 🙂 The use of knowledge is power, and working together to raise the collective energies of the people and the planet is very much necessary at this time Have a great day all, and we’ll see you soon! ~Mandy

July 2, 2019 – Candle magic is a relatively easy physical practice to help manifest the things that you desire / want / need (as long as it doesn’t go against the laws of nature or impose on someone’s free will – we cannot use these for love spells). Candles are used for Fire, which represents change / transformation, and both destruction and growth. Fire (for me anyway) can be mesmerizing and can also help lend to a meditative state, which will help in focusing on your goals. The candle’s color and how you decide to ‘decorate’ or ‘dress’ your candle will also lend energy to what you would like to manifest. Bear in mind, candle magic does not need to be elaborate – we are setting our intentions and therefore the work is about what you are doing, while using a physical representation of releasing the intent into the Universe. At our gathering, we will discuss some ways to infuse our intent into a candle to help our manifestations come true!
Correspondences – Please bear in mind that the things that others feel and practice may not always resonate with us – so always follow your intuition! Also keep in mind though, that many of the things we ‘know’ today are based on thousands of years of practice and folklore, so think critically as well. Herbs and other magical partners also have their own vibrations, and will let you know how they would like to help you if you’re inclined to listen 🙂 Carving symbols into a candle can be powerful as well, as you are involving the art of creating with the use of manifestation (use something you’ve found that you resonate with or use your imagination!).
Herb Grimoire – the Magickal CatUniverse of Symbolism – Colors13 Magic Symbols

July 16, 2019 – Divination – listening to Intuition with the aid of tools


October 1, 2019 – The topic for this gathering will be CELEBRATING YOU!! We’ll talk about how make birthday parties part of your spiritual practice and some other ways to celebrate the amazingess that is you on a daily basis!
Birthday Rituals
Birthday Customs in Germany
Celebrating Chinese Birthdays
Noodles on Your Birthday – Chinese Traditions
Weird Historical Myths About Birthdays
Wacky Birthday Superstitions
How to Create a Birthday Altar

October 15, 2019– Spirit Guides

October 16, 2019 – Lotus Fire planning meeting. 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., Panera Bread, 315 Southwind Place, Manhattan. If you’re interested in having a hand in scheduling and the topics for upcoming Lotus Fire gatherings, please stop by and let us know your opinion! See you then!  

November 6, 2019 Astral plane

November 20, 2019Medicine Wheel

December 4, 2019 – Cleansing Spaces

December 18, 2019 – World Peace Meditation

Alternative Learning Series Topics 2019

This series features healers, leaders, and facilitators from around the state of Kansas (for now, but we may expand 😉 ) who bring new learning and growth experiences with their unique offerings and services! This series is on hold for the time being, due to current events. We plan to have an expanded schedule up as soon as possible! Our topics will include Spirituality, Herbalism, Past Life Regressions, Meditations, and much more! Stay tuned! In the meantime, please see below for information on some of our past offerings!

Magical Midsummer Garden, presented by Prairie Magic Herbals!

Prairie Magice Herbals

Sat, June 22, 2019; 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.; Iron Clad Coworking, 407 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan

Summer Solstice/Midsummer eve is also known as Herb Evening. The summer sun draws forth the medicinal virtues of many plants we gather, prepare and use at this time. Join in as we venture into the Midsummer magical garden to explore plant lore, identification, medicinal uses, and preparation of plants to include yarrow, St. Johns wort, elder flower, vervain, mugwort, elecampane and more.


Bio: Joanne Bauman (Prairie Magic Herbals) is a Kansas wise woman herbalist, teacher, writer, herb grower and medicine-maker. Her easygoing teaching style makes learning and using plant-based healing accessible to everyone. Joanne teaches at Midwest Women’s Herbal and other herb conferences. She presents yearly at The Mother Earth News Fair, as well as podcasts, videos and blogs for Herbal Living. Joanne volunteers as Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) Community Herbal Apothecary Coordinator and is Kansas Chapter Coordinator.

Introduction to the Chakra and Energy Systems, presented by Jamie Zunick

Sat, July 27, 2019; 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.; Iron Clad Coworking, 407 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan


This interactive presentation focuses on the life force energy, the seven major chakras, the auric system, and the flow of energy through the body, mind, and spirit. A basic discussion focuses on the function and location of each chakra, the seven layers of the aura, and the importance of maintaining a healthy energy flow. Dowsing for energy with the use of pendulums will be demonstrated and practiced. Participants will palpate the energy levels on themselves and a partner. To their own comfort level, participants will practice deep breathing techniques and Tai Chi meditation movements to enhance and balance their own unique flow of energy.

Jamie Zunick (2)







Healing with Energy and Light as an Introduction to Reiki, presented by Dan Watkins, Reiki grandmaster

Sunday, August 18, 2019; 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.; held during the Spark of Life Metaphysical Fair. K-State Alumni Center, 1720 Anderson Ave., Manhattan


Pre-registration is required; registration deadline is August 16, 2019. The cost of this class is in kind donations for the T Russell Reitz Animal Shelter. Please register via email to as soon as possible to save your seat! Please be sure to not have any caffeine or meat 48 hours prior to attending, and wear comfortable clothes. This class is limited to 15 participants.

More and more therapies are being created that incorporate some form of energy healing, but I bet the majority of us still don’t quite understand what energy healing is or how it works. Everything around us has some form of energy, including our bodies. Each person has in their body a store of energy and certain energy patterns. These energy-storing centers of the body are called chakras. Energy patterns are the result of each event that has occurred across a person’s lifetime. Some of these will be good patterns while some will be the result of unhappy or painful experiences. These painful memories may sometimes get stored away deep in the chakras. However, they don’t go away, but are instead forgotten. These bad energy patterns can cause an imbalance in the whole energy field of the individual (also known as the aura). Over our lifetime, we also absorb a number of negative energy forms, such as anger, fear, doubt, and judgment. Healing techniques that release the bad energy in our body help us to move toward happiness and achieve peace within ourselves.

Energy work is the general term for describing all the therapy modalities that are based on energy healing. They are all focused on the belief that the human body contains many levels of energy, that when stimulated through various techniques, will promote overall health and well-being. There are many techniques that can be used to help you establish healthier emotional patterns. You will learn some of these; this is the gateway to a better life for you and all that you come in contact with.

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle 2018

January – Personal Power and Vision Board craft

February – Self Talk / Mindfulness (being kind to One’s Self) and Silent Wind Chime craft

March – Worriers Into Warriors and Warrior Shield craft

April – Energy Exchanges / Cord Cutting and Web of Life (dreamcatcher) craft

May – Reflections of Self and Mirror Etching craft

June – Personal Responsibility and “finishing a craft” night

July – Learning to work the Control Panel in the mind (helping to balance out our emotions) and Komboloi / Worry Bead craft

August – cancelled

September – Unconditional Love (meeting people where they are) and “Love for Yourself” card

October – Self Care Through Shadow Work and “Letting Go” meditation and coloring craft

November – Lost Souls discussion

Lotus Fire Empowerment Circle 2017

September – beginning of LFE – Lotus discussion and coloring page / creating a Lotus with crayon shavings craft

September / October – Chakra discussion / meditation and Creating Tools for Chakra work

October / November – Ethics of Metaphysics and “Leave It At the Door” basket craft

November – coloring and friendship day

December – Crystal Discussion and Growing Crystals craft

All of the following events are on hold at this time. The workshops and gatherings here may return, based on the needs of the community.

Spark of Life Drum Circle 


Learning to express yourself through music in a judgement-free zone and engage in discussion for learning more about drum circles and how to make the most of them!

Shintai Ryu – Manhattan

The Divine Essence in Form Energy School is a system of body movements, forms, and sound meditations designed to harmonize the body with the elements, and create greater spiritual awareness and energetic control. If you would like to know more, please contact the Manhattan instructor, Mandy, at lotusfirewellness@drgnldy40

Dragonfly Temple Women’s Group

An open spiritual support circle for women of any path looking for fellowship and fun, and spiritual support in a safe and nurturing environment!

DT includes time for crafts and fellowship, meditations on women related issues or themes, and research and discussion on different cultures and traditions.

The Fellow Traveler’s Club


Manifesting is the ability to visualize what you want and bring it to you. The Fellow Travelers Club brings spiritual guidance and the realization that the shape of your life is entirely your responsibility, and fully within your hands.

Fire Spirit Drum and Dance Circle

A monthly gathering where all learn to express themselves through movement and find creativity through music!


Flint Hills Holistic Health Network

We are a social network of holistic healers dedicated to providing healing to mind, body, and spirit for ourselves and those around us. Our purpose is to meet our neighbors and to grow our contact list, to better provide healing to those in need. To view our archives, please visit our Yahoo group here!

A men’s spiritual support circle dedicated to enhancing fellowship and connection to the world around, through craftwork and meditation, is also on our list for future groups.

Spark of Life Metaphysical Fair – placed on hold but may return in the future!

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