Community Resources Around Kansas

*This page is for informational purposes only about spiritual and metaphysical resources in Kansas and does not imply sponsorship of listing or events by members of the Spark of Life Whole-YOU Group or necessarily reflect our views.**

These listings are offered through independent businesses and private spiritual consultants – please contact them directly to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about their services or products.

Prairie Magic Herbals

Nourishing body and spirit in the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal healing with classes, wildcrafted remedies and the magic of the green.

A Work in Progress BG

Online or in person meditation guidance – please note which you prefer when scheduling. 60 minutes of meditation guidance and one-to-one discussion for just $20!

Bright Life Consulting and Intuitive Guidance

Offering intuitive readings, stress consulting, & healing energy sessions by phone & in person + meditation & relaxation classes locally.

Copper Pyramid Healing Sessions

Healing sessions with a 4x4x4 copper pyramid filled with Lemurian seed crystals. Pyramid energy is a life-giving force called bio-cosmic energy, allowing the pyramid to become a cosmic antenna that tunes into vast energy frequencies and changes itself into an electromagnetic field. This structure enables negative elements and vibrations to move towards harmony and in this process, destructive energies are deflected and positive energies are enhanced. Meditation in and around the pyramid facilities deeper focus, relaxation, enhanced sense of well-being and increased levels of awareness. Sitting inside a pyramid reverses the polarity of harmful negative environmental energies attached to you and changes them to positive energies. Lemurian Seed Crystals will remind you of your connection to universal consciousness.  The crystal will open up the heart Chakra making emotional healing and expression possible. They hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, equality and spiritual teachings.

Herbalists Without Borders

HWB is a cross cultural organization that creates and promotes intercultural exchanges and takes actions via national, regional and project-based chapters around the world.
Herbalists Without Borders on Facebook
Herbalists Without Borders Kansas on Facebook

Light Jewels, LLC

11750 W. 135th Street Ste 224 
Overland Park, KS  66221-9395 
Bus. Phone:  913-486-3404
Jean Finch –
Mark Finch –

Author:  Messages from Other Worlds
Hand Crafted Custom Silver Jewelry
Seminar Presenter / Past Life Readings
Jewelry / Stones / Crystals / OPALS

Christi Clemons Hoffman, MA, CHt

Metaphysician, spiritual medium and coach, teacher

Visit me on Facebook or schedule online.
Podcast is the Radiate Wellness Podcast – available on Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify,, and at

I’m also one of 29 Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioners in the world–and the only one in Kansas and Missouri (plus OK, NE, OH…).

Contacts through Spark of Life Metaphysical Fairs

Please enjoy this slideshow from past Spark of Life Metaphysical Fairs – many of these are local healers and practitioners!

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