Daughter of Delphi US

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~Lisa Andrijeski~

Shamanic Practitioner; Earth Tender;
Creator of Essential Oil Blends for meditation and growth

-Home blessing / clearing kits
-Angel Aura Quartz
-Rainbow Aura Quartz

-Property reading and clearing
-Chakra Clearing sessions
-Energy Clearing and Activations
-Crystal Card Readings
-Essential Oil and Crystal Consultations

“It’s Elemental…My Dear!”
Discussions on elemental oil blends; practical application and use.


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Hi. I am Lisa Andrijeski, Owner of Daughter of Delphi US. When I was 12, I was very sick for several months. I had a spontaneous healing and activation. I was visited by a cobalt blue/white light that made the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. I am a Pleiadean Star Seed trained in property reading and clearing through the Earth Tender’s Academy.

On July 11, 2021, I received another activation and was given light language and sound. I’m here to assist with connection to source and to help humanity remember who they are. I have come to help earth ascend to the 4th and 5th dimensional space, and to help hold space for humankind. I am here to help bring down the light and truth. To assist with mapping the planetary grid with the Divine Love Light Flame. To help heal Mother Gaia and honor her.

Daughter of Delphi oils are based on old recipes that I have learned and used through the years. They contain Eden’s Garden oils and natural herbs. I grew up in the Southwest where there was a heavy Native American influence. I also lived in Oregon for two years during which I learned many Native American Shamanic ways. Each oil is designed to be versatile, but effective for meditation, prayer, altar work, and for ceremonies. I currently reside in Manhattan Kansas with my husband Paul of thirteen years and my 19-year-old son Brandon. My dogs Ginger and Gypsy are my cohorts and protectors in this dimension and others. I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve.

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