Although the Spiritual Center has undergone a few name changes over the years, the goal remains the same – to learn more about our Selves with the intent to live our most authentic lives from this day forward. Scroll down to view our galleries below. Enjoy!

2021 – Our new Wellness Center and Consignment Store – the Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center! We love how well it came along, from a small empty space to feeling like our home away from home! We have coffee, conversation, learning opportunities, de-stressing activities and services, and handmade gifts to enhance your spirituality and wellness practices! We can’t wait to see you!

Activities over the years hosted under the Divine Essence Spiritual Center to honor our Selves, learn more about our connection with the world, and to have fun! If you see anything here you’d like to try, let us know!

Celebrations of the cycle of the year, the world around us, and our personal growth!

Enjoying nature and history – need we say more? How often do you take time out to enjoy the natural world? It’s a wonderful place to ‘reset’. 🙂

Spark of Life Metaphysical Fair

Spiritual Center over the years 🙂 Divine Essence Spiritual Center -> Spark of Life Community -> Lotus Fire Wellness & Empowerment -> currently working with other healers and practitioners at the Spark of Life Whole-YOU Center!

Page updated 12/16/21.

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